Efficiency and the Internet

It really is quite amazing how much random stuff you can come across on the internet when you are trying to get something done. In a 30 second break from working on a project, you can find yourself reading about Boby Dylan and some things he did. Or easily just as easily end up looking at pictures of why pimpin' ain't easy. Or reading about "muffin top" girls.

But none of these things help you get your project done. Right now i'm trying to write a paper about Cambodia, Angkor Wat, and religion -- but somehow i keep managing to find news articles, blogs, etc, to read - instead of working. And to make matters just that much worse, here i am blogging about the problem. And the stink of that is that i'm having no problems whatsoever with blogging - but just getting a single friggin paragraph typed up in the paper is similar to getting teeth pulled, or jerking off with sand glued to your hand.


cooper said...

We shall confiscate your internet for five hours daily for the mere price of....whatever it is worth to you.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

he man, thanks for the tip- I have been (back-burner) intending to change the way that carrot-img.. comes up in the title- will get on it.#

p.s. like the blog-!

Musing cynic said...

Cooper -- that just might be a good idea! I've thought about using non-wifi cafes - but i always cite a need to research as an excuse.. haha

Post Google -- Sure thing, hope it works out for you - and of course, feel free to drop by!