Searching Out Disappointment

Why is it that we put such small things on such big pedestals sometimes?

The inspiration for this post was a small thing that didn't really matter at all -- but it left me on my way home feeling really disappointed nonetheless. I think that whether or not we mean to, we often invest a lot more than we should in small things, and often find ourselves disappointed.

Everyone does it, whether they intend to or not. You hope -- and maybe in the back of your mind almost expect -- your favorite team to win. If you meet some girl or guy at the bar when you're out to "meet someone", you probably hope right away that they are "the right one" or whatever. Or when you turn a paper in for school.. all of these little things can leave you disappointed with your results. And those are just tiny snippets. If you put some real time into it, I'm sure that anyone could come up with a nearly endless list of possibilities for disappointment.

What i'm wondering is this: is it disappointing because you are a let down optimist, or is it disappointing simply because it didn't work out in the best possible way?

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