I, anonymous: Pig Fucker

I just got back from having a snack at the food co-op before doing some shopping and coming home. Now, most of the time i'm content to listen to a podcast or mp3's while eating and not do much of anything else.. but there is something about eating / hanging out in the co-op that makes me feel obligated to come back to the reality of the world around me. So i took out my headphones and grabbed a copy of The Strange, a free publication out of Seattle, WA. Most of what i browsed over had little to no effect upon me -- that is, until i came across this piece:

"You spineless, sneaky, lowlife, ignorant, godless piece of shit. Vandalizing the artwork around town, what a big person. Sneaking around at night, so scared of being seen, and mindlessly tearing up the pigs on display. For no good reason other than your balls must be so shriveled up that you are mad at society. You are racist. Show us who you are. Why don't you post your mother's address in the next issue so we can all take turns violating her while you watch? You better hope I never see you in action. I would love to beat your fucking ass, pull out your rotten teeth, take your clothes off, and strap you to one of your vandalized pigs. You suck, you pig fucker."

I figured i'd post it in hopes that it will bring as much entertainment to others as it did to me. Have a great night -- and to whom it apparently concerns: Stay the hell away from the local art pieces, Pig Fucker!

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