A successful waste of a day.

Somehow i was convinced to go out and do things with my day that i didn't need to do. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed myself -- but i didn't accomplish very much.

It all started with going to a local cafe to work on a paper for one class, and a program for another. I managed to get almost all of the program finished (and very little writing on the paper!) when a buddy called me up. I told him we could talk on the phone, but since he was close he may as well swing by and say hi.

He shows up, and the next 30 minutes flew by with us chatting about all sorts of random crap. In the midst of the conversation (which about 3/4 of was about a girl sitting nearby that i was interested in) he convinced me that we should either play frisbee golf with the rest of the afternoon, or play some soccer in 2 hours.

I finally caved, telling him that i needed to finish the program and at least get a good into paragraph written in the essay, and then i would join him in playing some soccer.

Well low and behold, only 4 other people showed up to play soccer, so we just goofed off and played some "world cup," which was still pretty entertaining. Jake dropped me back off at my place, and told me he'd call me at 10:00pm, because we were going out to see this band.

Okay, cool - but wait: it's 8:00, i need to shower and shave, not to mention making & eating dinner before i can go out! And the stink of it was, i didn't even really want to go out, but somehow he had convinced me that it was a great idea.

Ten o'clock rolls around just as i'm getting out of the shower. Jake rolls up in a car with Ryan and Liz, and we all head down to the bar. Turned out that the band that we all came out to see wasn't going to start until midnight, so we had about 2 hours to waste -- great.

One thing that is worth mention at this point is that i have not drank alcohol in seven or eight years, and have no intention of starting now.

So two very boring hours later, the band is finally on the stage and the crowds really starting to enjoy it. This bar is far from large, so things get cramped really quickly - which basically means, once the crowd is getting into the music, it quite quickly turns into a mosh pit.


Here is a little background on my friends Ryan and Jake. Today while on the way to play soccer with Jake, he started talking about how his brother used to carry around mace with him everywhere he goes. Then we got to talking about some of the more noteworthy fights that he has been in, one of which involved drunkenly shouting at a complete stranger (for no real reason) "Ohh, Brett the Hitman Heart! Come and fight me you pussy!!"

Well, sure enough so called "Brett" did come over and fight Jake. And beat the shit out of him for that matter.

Ryan is different though. He's kind of a sleeping bear: he won't do anything to anyone who hasn't done something to either him or a friend -- but once something is done that sets him off, it's all downhill from there. I've seen this guy pushing past three guys trying to hold him back, just to hit someone. And why did he want to hit that guy so badly? Because that guy had just hurt a friend of his in a fight that Ryan wasn't there for.

Okay, back to the moshing.

So i'm hanging out in the middle of things, and for the most part it's a pretty mellow mosh pit as mosh pits go. Not too many people, and the crowd not in the pit only pushes you back into the pit if your on the edge, they don't throw you like other pits i've been in.

Well at one point the band starts playing a heavier song, and things are starting to pick up - or at least as much as the small dance floor allows. Then as far as i can tell, i look over just in time to see Ryan, who is a big guy, kind of cock his head to one side and in the middle of the pit, fucking drill someone.

The band keeps playing, the guy he hit is trying to stay on his feet, and Liz is pulling Ryan away before he does any more damage. And then (right on time) a very drunken Jake shows up, trying to figure out what's going on, getting in the other guys face, and starting shit with the bouncer who both Ryan and Jake are friends with.

In the long run, we all left the bar not wanting anything more to go down. Ryan and Liz both adamantly agree that this guy specifically & intentionally shoved her into the soundboard, which will probably leave a pretty vicious bruise across her side. Liz, apparently got a punch in as well - and probably broke her knuckle & maybe even wrist in doing so. Ryan was a funny combination of wanting to wait for the other guy to come out so he could really have a go at him, and wanting to get out of there before that happened so he didn't get arrested.

So that was how i managed to waste a day and not really get anything done after 2:00pm. The bitch of it all is that i wouldn't really say i had all that much fun; and while hanging out with Jake is almost always a good time, it's rarely productive.

Oh, and Jake? Well, the last i saw of him was his pathetic drunk attempts to hit on a group of girls near the door of the bar.

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