Just a quick follow up:

Since i posted about falling yesterday, i thought i'd include some quick details about my day today, which also involved falling.

In an effort to keep a potentially long story short, i'll cut right to the chase: On my longboard today, i got "doored". And for those of you not familiar with the term, getting "doored" means that you get hit when some unsuspecting spectator with no bad intentions gets to witness you're abrupt halt when you slam into their just-opened car door.

Then to make matters worse, i stopped to pay off a friends parking ticket (i owed her money, so she gave me the ticket to sort out instead) on my way to play some ultimate frisbee. Well, low and behold the post office closed early, so i'll have to wait until tomorrow. But when i arrived at the field where we play ultimate, a friend told me the court house might still be open, and it was only two blocks away.

So i jumped back on my long board (oh yes), and went to the court - which was closed. Great. Dejectedly i turn around and head back to the field. Feeling a little bitter, i go to change the song on my mp3 player when suddenly-!- i get launched off my board by a poorly alignmed sidewalk section.

Yeseterday's events left me with cuts on my face and right side knee, elbow shoulder and hand. Today, getting doored left me with a bloody shin (right side) and wonderful cut on my left hand, which almost perfectly matches the one on my right hand.

Oh and not only did no one see my second fall, but on top of that the girl who doored me was too attractive for me to be angry with -- but she didn't give me her number for my pain. Too bad.


paisley said...

good lord... maybe its time to take a weekend off... we may have nothing left of you by monday if you keep going at this rate!!!!!

Musing cynic said...

Well thankfully i haven't had any more incidents this weekend -- although, i did go spelunking yesterday and got stuck for a little while! But no new cuts or bruises :)