iPhone anyone?

With all the hype about the iPhone's release, i think that most of the world was really expecting the cellular phone industry to have some drastic changes after the release. But somewhere it seems that Apple went wrong.

Even before the release, we had iPhone wallpapers , applications, and even articles about the security threat that the iPhone poses for enterprises -- and how it's lacking in basic security features typical to smart phones.

But now with the release of the iPhone 5 days past, nothing has really changed. Sure, there is still plenty of hype, there were the people waiting in line over 24 hours in advance, the plethora of reviews released -- many within hours of release, and even the podcasts filmed while waiting in line.

But really, what has come out of the iPhone?


Again, a lot of reviews, a lot of hype, even a decent amount of unhappy customers having troubles activating their phone with AT&T. But beyond that? Nothing. The cell phone market has not been revolutionized, Motorola, Nokia, LG & others, while probably still a bit nervous, haven't found themselves completely outdone in their own markets.

But the question i'm wondering is: what are they doing to contest the iPhone? Sure, it didn't blow them out of the water, and not everyone utterly loves their iPhones -- but from what i can see, it's still quite a bit better than any other smart phone out there.

Okay, that said here is Engadget's roundup of iPhone stuff. Read over it and make your own judgment. If you ask me, while the iPhone wasn't exactly a blow-out, but it didn't blow-up either, and other cell phone manufacturers have some catch up to play.

Additionally, FlyingPen makes a great point: the iPhone is out -- what now?

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